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It was four decades ago, when Late Nirode Kanti Ghosh founded "Liberty Marine Syndicate". A service provider to the shipping Industry dealing, inter-alia with stevedoring, ship chandling and other allied services.

A modest beginner with a dream and vision, he could attain such heights by virtue of experience and wisdom achieved over the years of his earlier active association with allied establishments. Courage, Conviction and Command propelled him to reach the pinnacle of success.

In the early Seventies, he converted this company to a closely held limited Company. Soon thereafter, the company plunged into diversified and multi-point activities extending it's area of operation to most of the major ports in Eastern India. Today, Liberty stands out in the shipping arena and provides succour & sustenance to countless people.

Late Shri N. K. Ghosh was the President of the Kalinga Steamer Agents Association in Orissa and Calcutta Port Packers' Association, Executive body Member of Federation of Shipping Agents in India. He was the Founding Director of Sea Traders Pvt. Ltd . [Indian Chapter of Shinwa Kaiun Kaisha] & Partner of GlobeTransportation & Services Co. and Financial Adviser to TECHNOAID- left indelible contributions in the growth of these organisations.

As a votary of aestheticism, he was popularly known as a person who always gave and never took.

He retired from the Earth on 20th June 1994 but his visions are still followed on.

A Statement true to his conviction ........

" It is impossible for the limited human reason to judge the purpose of life: It is the way of infinite dealings with the finite: The known is finite, the unknown infinite: Intellectually we stand on a islet in the midst of the illimitable ocean of inexplicability. Our business is to reclaim a little land."


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